Acknowledging the Work

“You are the work” and the experiences and learning you pick up along the way are what allow you to make your finest contribution.

Roy Group Open Badges are one way to highlight your achievements while providing a portfolio that gives deeper insight to the world on what you are able to offer. When you display your badges, you give others an opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the theory, skills and strategies that you bring to your leadership.

Roy Group is awarding Open Badges to individuals who have completed one or more of our courses. The badges demonstrate that you recognize when it is time to coach or be coached; you know how to find opportunities in conflict and build cultures by using tools of engagement.

Our badges represent leaders who are self aware and choose to lead; leaders who can “occupy the ground,” “affect the field” and “create the story.” We have created Open Badges to acknowledge your investment, learning and practice…

What is a Badge?

At Mozilla, we believe that learning happens over the course of a lifetime and frequently beyond the classroom.

With the support of the MacArthur Foundation, we’ve built the Open Badges Infrastructure, which makes it possible for badges issued by different companies and communities to be interoperable and shareable across the web. People and organizations with content to share align their badges with the open standard, which makes it possible for someone who sees Open Badges to discover the criteria and evidence behind them.

Learners around the world are using these portable badges to realize increased learning and professional opportunities.

Hundreds of organizations and individuals have designed and issued Open Badges. They include educators, multinational companies, non-profits, industry alliances, and people interested in professional development. The curriculum that their badges represent include a huge variety of skills, competencies, and interests.

Clinton Project Promotes ‘Open Badges’ Online Credentials

Working with Mozilla, the MacArthur Foundation and a consortium interested in virtual learning, former President Bill Clinton announced a project on Thursday to expand the use of Open Badges — online credentials that employers or universities can use in hiring, admissions, promotions or awarding credit.

The badges serve as credentials that can help self-taught computer programmers, veterans returning to civilian life and others show skills they learned outside a classroom.

At the Clinton Global Initiative America meeting in Chicago Thursday, DePaul University and the Information Technology Industry Council pledged to incorporate badges into their hiring, admissions or credentialing. New York Times 13 June 2013