The Leader’s Discipline (TM)

The Leader's Discipline™ Badge

This intensive introduction to coaching for leaders creates a foundation for building cultures of accountability and productivity.

Completion of The Leader’s Discipline™ course creates a foundation in

Sports Coaching – exploring the coaching relationship and the nature of interference;
Leadership Coaching – understanding how to create a culture of performance and productivity within an organization using goal setting and feedback modeling.

Over the course of the program, participants

  • Experience how mental states influence performance.
  • Engage a discipline that raises the level of performance.
  • Use this discipline to address a real and current leadership issue they face.
  • Practice and build on their ability to coach emerging leaders.
  • Practice and build on their ability to coach teams of leaders.
  • Increase understanding of the behaviors which develop leadership.
  • Investigate when coaching is most effective.
  • Increase their confidence in giving and receiving honest feedback.
  • Explore possibilities of using this approach to enhance current and potential leadership development projects.
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Full participation throughout this 21-hour (2 ½ day) course is required to obtain credit and The Leader’s Discipline™ Badge.