Opportunity in Conflict

Opportunity in Conflict Badge

An intensive introduction to the practice of working with conflict by addressing problems, inviting perspectives and detecting opportunities.

The Opportunity in Conflict course is designed for leaders who want to engage difficult conversations and help people find their own constructive solutions to the conflicts in their lives and organizations.

Leaders develop

  • New strategies in preparing for and navigating through difficult conversations.
  • Skills for analyzing and transforming difficult situations.
  • An understanding of interest-based negotiation and how to do it.
  • Abilities in knowing what to listen for and how to respond.
  • Skills in delivering tough messages.
  • The capacity to create graceful change and stronger relationships.
  • Communications Skills – Reflective listening – Building Understanding

Building on foundations explored in The Leader’s Discipline™, this experience offers additional processes and communication skills specific to conflict situations. “Earners” have learned tools that help them analyze the nature of the problem and be better able to tailor their approach in the moments that count.

Over the course of the program, participants

  • Engage a discipline that encourages graceful change and stronger relationships.
  • Practice and build on their ability to clearly identify the interests and issues at play.
  • Practice and build on their ability to help teams meet challenges.
  • Expand their communication skills and apply them to problem solving.
  • Increase their confidence in applying the appropriate skills to a given situation.
  • Develop the ability to analyze conflict and determine next steps.
  • Investigate when to intervene in a difficult situation.
  • Practice preparing for and engaging potentially difficult conversations.
  • Learn to engage a variety of perspectives and create a plan.

Full participation throughout this 21-hour (2 ½ day) course is required to obtain credit and the Opportunity in Conflict Badge.