Tools of Engagement

Tools of Engagement Badge

An intensive introduction to organizational learning from a leadership perspective that allows participants to experiment with different methods to engage systems, from the individual to a large community of people.

Leaders and emerging talent learn about practical tools and approaches for

  • Increasing engagement across large work units.
  • Building ability in systems thinking and employee engagement.
  • Increasing confidence in leveraging the knowledge of teams and groups.

Over the course of the program, participants

  • Engage in redesigning their work in to increase their benefit from the wisdom of the group.
  • Examine how they run and participate in meetings and how they engage those they work with to promote innovation.
  • Explore how engagement can affect results.
  • Learn and test some of the theory that impacts how we engage those around us.
  • Revisit coaching tools as a way to engage individuals we work with.
  • Experience and experiment with tools that can engage our team.
  • Experience and experiment with tools that can engage a community.

Full participation throughout this 21-hour (2 ½ day) course is required to obtain credit and the Tools of Engagement Badge.